Make 70
Your 100!

Being successful with money is NOT hard, but there's a lot trying to make it impossible. Learn the ONE DECISION that changes everything.


Meet Dale

Dale Alexander has been blessed to pour inspiration and motivation into others for 30 years. As a well-known employee benefits broker and Certified Financial Planner, Dale also combines his passion for living with speaking opportunities to impact others’ lives and attitudes.

His stages have included numerous corporations, association conferences, school convocations, and numerous media outlets (Fox & Friends, The Money Pig Podcast, “Teaching Teens About Money Gets New Push”, “Georgia Sends Every 2023 High School Graduate Financial Literacy Book”).

If you meet Dale, you will never forget his passion for everything he does, from riding his skateboard on his hands to his love of sweet tea! He believes he is here solely to change lives, and after hearing his messages, he hopes you will believe you are too.

Dale serves on the Boards of The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation,  Camp Highland, and is an Elder for North Point Ministries.

Dale Alexander speaking on stage

See what people are saying

Marcus C.

The most concise financial education possible.

I have been in financial services for 25 years. I am a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Analyst, and also hold four other designations and various securities licenses. Simply put, I should be educated enough to teach my own kids about finance…Instead, I just gave them this book. There is no possible way I could do this good of a job and teaching my own kids what they really need to know without all of the stuff they don’t really need to know.

Carey R.

Best personal finance book ever!

Absolutely the best book I've ever read on personal finances. I read this myself before I gave it to my newly graduated daughter. Then I order 10 more copies to give out to others. A quick read but it has lasting motivation and instruction! Make 70 your 100.....genius! I wish I would have read this 25 years ago! The best and most life changing graduation present you could give any graduate.

Tyler H.

Life changing for young adults.

We bought this book for our team 
and the feedback has been amazing. 
Our employees are making financial decisions that are changing the trajectory of their financial lives. 
Love how Dale breaks down these important principles into simple steps for anyone to get started. A must read for any young adult especially high school and college students. Can’t wait to read “The Talk” with my three boys!

Al A.

Sets the foundation for a lifetime of financial success.

Too often, kids leave high school or college without ever having any instruction in financial literacy. They know very little about budgeting, saving, or investing and frequently dig themselves into a financial hole from which it is difficult to escape. I know - I've seen it firsthand as a financial advisor. Dale's book is what I wish every graduate would read and apply. What a difference learning the material and developing good financial habits early on could make in their lives!

Travis R.

23 years old. Thank you, Dale!

What a game-changer! I am 23, and looking to set myself up for future success...FINALLY, I FOUND IT. By implementing the steps Dale speaks about in this book, any young adult can launch themselves into a life of financial security. I am sending this book to 5 people in my circle to make a difference in their lives, and their future...TODAY! This is a must-read for anyone, especially those 15-30 years old!

Andrew H.

This 10-year-old loved this book!

This book helped me understand that what my parents are teaching me is accurate. I hope many other kids like me read this book and understand it as well as I did.

Ashley Scott O.

Life advice no matter your age.

Bought three of these for my children (26,21,18) to read as they begin their adult journey. I took the opportunity to read this myself to be prepared for the questions. What a refreshing look it gave me on my own retirement path. What great advice to people of all ages. Thank you, Dale, for making this so simple to understand and follow.

Kyle B.

Author to author.

If you’re looking for a better understanding of how money impacts self-worth, outlook on the world, personal limitations, and the trajectory of your life, read this book. There are many graphs and equations about finances and money displaying the different paths to success and wealth, and these real-world examples make for a fascinating read. From one Author to another, I confidently say this book has powerful information that will begin transforming your life moving forward.

Daniel W.

Five Stars!

Absolutely incredible book! Wow! I wish I would have read this book twenty years ago! Life changing! Can’t recommend enough!

Austin T.

Principal in Tampa, FL.

Thank you so much for speaking with our student body and staff. The feedback I received from the adults was, “I wish someone had shared this with me when I was young” and “wonderful presentation for our student body.” In talking with students, what came up over and over was “70 is my 100” and “My first three paychecks are everything in establishing the principle of living below your means.” Overall, what a blessing for our community.



"The Talk" (About Money) book

"The Talk" (About Money)

Book For Students

In this book, Dale Alexander wants you to have hope. He 
wants you to understand one simple fact, and he repeats 
it throughout this short and informative book: You can be one of the wealthiest, most generous people on earth.

You have a special, once-in-a-lifetime chance to change everything about not only your life, but everyone that follows you. A chance to make the single greatest “life”-decision you will ever make, and it doesn’t rely on family success or education level. You can work for your money, or you can have your money work for you. It starts with one simple act that will give you all sorts of options. And ONE simple act WILL change EVERYTHING.

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Watch "The Talk"

Full Presentation

Every young adult in the country should get the opportunity to learn about 70-20-10. Now they can! Watch the same inspiring presentation Dale gives to organizations across the country.

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Lesson Notes


As you watch "The Talk" lesson with Dale, print the attached Lesson Notes to use as a supplement to the message.  And keep it as a reminder of "the most important 'life'-decision you'll ever make".

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Get Started

Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a young adult looking to start your investment journey but don't know where to begin? Look no further! This guide will give you the information you need to create your very own investment account.

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The Money Chat conversation tool

The Money Chat

At-Home Conversation Tool

Talking about money with your student shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Don’t worry if you’re not 
a financial expert. MoneyChat questions are designed to ignite a passion in your young adult around money management.

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"The Talk" (About Money) Kahoot! quiz

Kahoot! Quiz


Did Dale just visit your school? Are you looking for ways to encourage money conversations with your students. Access the link above to download an interactive quiz and slide deck to guide student discussions in your classroom.

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